Our Projects

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Fabrications and Installations of Spill Protection Supports and Gratings - Vale Site
Fabrication and Installations of Roof Hatch Cover, vale Site.
Fabrication and Installation of Walking Platforms, Handrails and Grantings at TR-1020ML-09 , Vale Site.
Fabrications and Insallations of Purlins supports for metal deck wall at CT-03 and CT-18, vale site.
Fabrication and Installations of Walkway, Handrails and Gratings at CT-09, vale site.
Some Fabrications Work at KNE Workshop
Fabrications and Assembly of Ship lifts at BNS.
Fabrication and Assembly Steel Platforms - Alstom Services
Cut and Replace shop Hulls - sunborn marine
Cut, Fabricate and install anchor pockets suborn yacht hotel
Fabrication and Installations of SS316 Staircases c/w handrails - sunborn yacht hotel
Fabrication and installation of SS316 Balcony Railings and stanchions and wire rope - sunborn yacht hotel
Fabrications and Installation of Automatic Marine Type Aluminium sliding hatches- sunborn yacht hotel
Fabrications and installation of Marine type Aluminium Platform and stanchions for pool deck - sunborn yacht hotel
Cut and replace marine type aluminium ship hull, pipings and misc. work - YTL Princess
Asphalt road Construction and Fencing Installations at Manjung 4 site - Alstom Services
Asphalt Road Construction For STS Crane Tracks at kg. Acheh -PTP
Construct New Fabrication workshop structures at kg. Acheh UMW Synergistics Generation
Fabricate Hoppers and Platforms for Manjung 4 power plants
Refurbishment of Grabs for ship unloaded Vale
Buckets For stacker Reclaimer - refurbishment and Fabrications of parts - vale
Pulley Replacement for conveyor Line -vale
Conveyor ldler Frames Fabrications and reinforcement work beumer/ Vale
Casting work - bucket teeth
Counter weight for conveyor Belt - Fabrications and Modifications work - BEUMER /VALE
Festoon I-Beams For ptp - 5 nos of QCC Trolleys supports system Fabrications , Machining ,Disassembly and Installations
Modifications of conveyor line - belt turning station and pulleys - vale minerals Malaysia
Some Facilities/Machineries -KNE workshop
CNC Plasma Cutter 300Amps
Pulley Refurbishment & Fabrications
Horizontal Balancing & Dynamic Balancing
Pulley Refurbishment & Fabrications
Submerged Arc Welding
Washbox – Fabrications & Installations
Conveyor Fall Protection
Yard Machine Modification
2-Way Stainless Steel Chute
Conveyor Counter Weight Guiding Wheel